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March 13, 2016
Facebook for business

Facebook, a catalyst for your business

With a change of trend around the globe. Facebook overtakes the world and became an important ingredient of personal life and a catalyst for your business. The versatility of term “Marketing” increased and entered into a new domain; known as “Digital Domain”. When we use the word digital, the first name to click in our mind is “Facebook”. Penetration of Facebook in our society has made it an important part of our social life. Social word in our dictionary is incomplete if we don’t use the word Facebook along with it. For marketing Facebook is just like a catalyst, boosting the marketing process and activities.

Ratio and Impact of Facebook in business of Pakistan

Pakistan is a country with a population of around 200 million. 30% of population of uses Facebook and the numbers are increasing each day. Just “one click “and boom! You’re in front of 30 million users in Pakistan and around a billion worldwide. Obviously they charge for this, but the cost is relatively lower than below the line marketing and the target audience is massive. It’s just a push and it moves on like a rock in space.

No one can neglect the importance of Facebook from business perspective. OLX Pakistan along with are the best examples. Ever seen a bill board of Or any advertisement? There may be some, but they have marketed through digital platform, utilizing the epic power of Facebook for marketing. has around 2.7 million and still increasing. They have worked smart, very smart indeed.

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Just putting the post on Facebook and uploading an image is not enough. You have to make the post powerful enough to attract people towards your business. The core of the image lies in the content and the image of the post. It is an art to portray a message in front of millions of people belonging to different religion, territories, culture and mindset. The insights are the key to statistic. What you gain by what you pay in a specific period of time, is all what a business needs. The competition is growing and so are the challenges, you have worked smart and it’s now our time.

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